JOLLYWOOD Jamaica is located in Kingston Jamaica. Our AIM is to help build the Jamaica Acting / Film Industry in Jamaica first, then exposing said Industries to world.

The Jollywood Jamaica website is not just for Jamaicans living inside Jamaica, but for Jamaican Actors, Directors, Film Makers and Talents living outside Jamaica.

The JOLLYWOOD website is a promotional website for the above mentioned. The CEO and Founder of Jollywood Jamaica Productions is Mr R. Kanhai Condison. Mr Condison is an Actor, Film Maker, Director, Producer and Talent Agent. He was inducted in the Caribbean Hall Of Fame in 2014.

Please contact +1(876)3690070 for more information.
If you are a company and you wish to advertise on the Jollywood Jamaica website, please send us an email at jollywood.jamaica@hotmail.com.







JOLLYWOOD Jamaica has six sections: Jollywood ENTERTAINMENT, Jollywood FILMS, Jollywood MAGAZINE, Jollywood MERCHANDIZE, Jollywood TALENT & Jollywood TV. ALL were set up to HELP promote the local Acting/Film industry. Each section will operate seperately. But all falls under JOLLYWOOD Jamaica Productions.

Under Jollywood ENTERTAINMENT we created PLANET JOLLYWOOD Entertainment Complex. This complex will house a Movie Theatre, a PLAY House, a Museum, 5 Sound Stages.....just to name a few. This will be in operation 2022.Currently PLANET JOLLYWOOD will focus on building our flag ship location at 73 Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, Jamaica. This located has a homestyle Movie Theatre (showing Jamaican films ONLY), a mini Golf area and a mini Museum area. The Museum will house artifacts and memorabilia belonging to Jamaican actors / film makers (Local / International)

The JOLLYWOOD motto is "Build It And They Will Come"